I Simposio Nacional de Muerte Súbita Cardiovascula

Prevent sudden death giving way to life

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Dear colleagues,
It was a desire of the members of the Research Section on Sudden Death (SIMUS), attached to the Cuban Society of Atherosclerosis (SOCUBAT) to address this issue through a Symposium in Havana, with the central axis the multiple approach and interdisciplinary of this important universal issue of health. We believe that this integrating approach will enable us  better to deal with this scourge, considered to be one of the main challenges for healthcare systems in this century.
For the Organizing Committee is a deep honor and pleasure to have your valuable participation in the development of the scientific activities of the I Cuban Symposium of Sudden Cardiovascular Death. We intend to develop a rich, and intense debate and scientific exchange on the different topics addressed in this meeting, which, in turn, will lead to continuous improvement of the care of cardiovascular patients at risk for sudden cardiac death.
We are convinced that the depth and timeliness of the scientific debates together with an excellent venue with modern technology and all the facilities for a cozy, profitable stay will make unforgettable these days for each of us.
Welcome you all to the 1st Cuban Symposium of Sudden Cardiovascular Death. Our Research Section of Sudden Death receives you all and opens its heart wishing everyone a happy and successful day.

Dr.C. Luis Alberto Ochoa Montes
Organizing Committee President